A slippery slope

Today we tried
To ride
The slide
But once inside
We were denied.
The reason why
Was not supplied
Had someone wide
Got stuck inside?
Or even worse
Had someone died?
It was implied
By our guide
That the slide
Had not complied
And so a ban
Had been applied
“Okay,” we sighed
Quite mystified
And so the slide
Remains untried….


Arcelormittal Orbit

9 thoughts on “A slippery slope

  1. Hi Caroline, as I’ve said many times- your stories and poems make me laugh, I enjoy them immensely. Hope you are well and enjoying life. Much love, Gail Xx

  2. Great Spirit Mothers, Steph and Neat
    Went up this Tower on our feet.
    It’s true and rather sad to say,
    The Tower’s dull – we had to pay
    Several pounds!

    (Lovely to see you are writing and clearly doing a better job than we are!😄)

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