A linguist’s poetic guide to comparing hostels

No two hostels are the quite same
And yet they all have the same name
The word “hostel” does not reflect
Exactly what you should expect
Some are clean and some are smelly
Some might confiscate your jelly
Some are nasty, some are nice
The ones with cats do not have mice
Some have toilets with no lock
Some give free cake at six o’clock
And so it really can confuse
When working out which one to choose
But rest assured and do not fear
For crazy linguist Caz is here
She’s coined new words and made a guide
Of what each hostel has inside
So next time when you need a bed
Click here to read her A to Zed

A to Z of hostels

P.S. One hostel really did confiscate Caroline’s jelly – that story will be coming soon!

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