The beginner’s guide to being a backpacker

They say you should never stop learning new things and right now I am learning to be a backpacker (albeit with a stripy suitcase, because strapping my life to my back and lugging it around the hot streets of Australia seems like an awful lot of hard work when I can wheel it along behind me instead). There is far more skill to being a successful backpacker than I ever imagined, and I am keen to excel in my studies, so here are the notes I’ve been taking along the way:

Making an entrance

Choosing a bed

Don’t get locked out

Everything you need will be at the bottom of your bag

Nothing is jiggle proof

And nothing is smell proof

Unexpected gifts

Having a shower

Don’t get left in the dark

Dining in (or not!)

It’s the little things

Behind the curtain

When is an en suite not a luxury?

Have fun