Don’t get left in the dark

Some hostel put their bathroom lights on a timer mode, so if someone has been in before you and there’s still a little bit of light time left, it will probably go out when you’ve just sat down on the toilet, or have just lathered a handful of shampoo into your hair in the shower.

Meanwhile back in the bedroom, when you’re sharing with up to eleven strangers, you don’t know what time the other people are going to go to bed. As a night owl, I’ve been hugely surprised to stumble into a room at 8:30pm and discover the rest of my room mates have already gone to bed and switched off the light. This has resulted in me going to bed without taking my tablets or brushing my teeth, and sleeping in my clothes because I don’t want to be the inconsiderate person who zipped and unzipped her bag a million times looking for her toothbrush and pyjamas in the dark when everyone else was sleeping.

These days as soon as I arrive at a hostel, I create a night bag containing all the things I could possibly need before going to bed, so that if everyone else is having an early night it doesn’t affect my dental hygiene!

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