British Skier’s Easter Egg Hunt is in fact just a hunt

A British skier has been left perplexed and outraged following the disappearance of four chocolate eggs from her hotel room at the popular ski resort of Cervinia in Italy.

Caroline Gough from Devon in England eggs-plained “When I left my hotel room at eight o’clock this morning, there were five chocolate eggs on the shelf. When I returned this evening, there was just one chocolate egg left. I am quite chocolate-orientated so it was the first thing I noticed.”

The eggs, which were purchased at the Tesco store in Braunton, came in a variety of different coloured foils and travelled from Gatwick in Miss Gough’s hand luggage on Sunday along with several others that Caroline ate earlier in the week. Caroline said “The four that are missing all had turquoise wrappers. I saved them til last because turquoise is my favourite colour.”

Caroline added “If all the eggs had been missing, then I may have forgotten that I hadn’t already eaten them myself, but the fact that there’s a pink one left absolutely confirms that somebody’s tampered with them. I’d never ever leave a pink one until last.”

After a happy day of skiing, Caroline returned to her room to shower and relax before the evening meal, but her plans were turned upside down upon discovery that the eggs were missing. Caroline said “It would be eggs-tremely logical to jump to conclusions and assume the cleaner has eaten them, but I wonder if there is a different eggs-planation.”

Caroline believes the cleaner may have got into the Easter spirit and hidden the eggs around Caroline’s hotel room as a surprise Easter Egg hunt. “She hasn’t emptied the bin or removed the six month accumulation of dust from the corners of the bathroom, so maybe she found more creative things to do when she was in my room today,” said Caroline.

Caroline who is a teacher said “I did an Easter egg hunt with my class last week and everyone really enjoyed it. But on that occasion nobody had just done a 78 mile roundΒ  trip skiing to Switzerland and back, so we all had a lot more enthusiasm and energy for egg hunting than I have at the moment.”

Caroline has conducted a thorough search of her room but has not yet found any of the hidden chocolate. “I’m beginning to feel a little bit eggs-asperated,” she confided.

A source close to Miss Gough said: “Don’t mess with Cazza and her chocolate. As soon as she realises there is no Easter Egg hunt, she’s going to eggsplode, possibly with eggspletives.”

4 thoughts on “British Skier’s Easter Egg Hunt is in fact just a hunt

  1. Eggstremeley frustrating by the sound of things maybe it’s an eggs terrestrial and been taken to Mars! The mystery continues…..

  2. Eggsactly, eggsceedingly gill eggsasperating, eggspecially when you are eggshausted from all that eggsercise. That must have eggsacerbated the whole eggsperience.

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