Acquisition of Fit Bit makes top bunk seem briefly appealing

A British backpacker has recently decided that she doesn’t mind having to sleep in the top bunk, but only because the novelty of her new Fit Bit hasn’t worn off yet.

Caroline Gough, who bought the Fit Bit Charge in Adelaide on Monday explained “I have always been happy with those pedometers that clip onto the top of your trousers, but I keep losing them, because as well as counting my steps, they also like to work their way free of my trousers and fall onto the floor without me noticing. I couldn’t find any pedometers in Adelaide so I decided to buy a FitBit instead.”

Caroline has enjoyed exploring the new features of her FitBit and even went to a gym just so that she could try out the treadmill setting. But the FitBit really came into its own with the setting that counts how many stairs a person can climb.

Caroline told us “usually when I go into a backpackers dormitory and see that there are only top bunks available, my heart sinks. Climbing down from the top bunk in the dark to go to the loo is never exciting and sometimes the person below you might have put something like a towel on one of the rungs which makes it slippery and even more precarious. But now that I’ve got a FitBit, every time I go up another rung, that adds to my total stair count.”

The excitement ended very quickly when Caroline climbed down from the ladder at 3am yesterday morning and painfully stepped on a three pin phone charger that the person sleeping below had left in her path.

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