British tourist reluctant to unpack perfectly packed pacamac

A British tourist is reluctant to put on her new waterproof jacket for fear that she may never be able to pack it back into the special pocket it came in.

Caroline Gough explained “I’ve basically spent the last 3 months touring Australia in a pair of flip flops, a bikini and a kind of beach sarong thing that almost passes for a dress, but now I’m in New Zealand it looks like I’m going to have to start wearing proper clothes again.”

Caroline bought the waterproof jacket in Queenstown where the shop assistant helpfully repacked the jacket back into the special bag-that’s-also-a-pocket after Caroline tried it on.

Caroline said “To be honest, I just bought the jacket as a precaution, I never thought I’d actually have to use it. But now Cyclone Gita is about to hit Christchurch and it’s raining more than it does in England. My main concern is storage. I’m less than halfway through my travels and if I can’t work out how to compactly pack the jacket away again I might just have to keepĀ  wearing it until next July when I get back to England.”

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