Feuding couple call it a day

A couple who have not been speaking to each other for the majority of their trip around Australia have announced that their relationship is officially over.

Olivia and Ethan from Shropshire in England first hit the headlines back in June when they arrived at a backpacking hostel in Cairns refusing to speak to one another. It is still unclear what sparked the initial argument.

Caroline Gough who spent almost a week sharing a dormitory with the feuding couple was reunited with Ethan at a bar in Sydney’s Circular Quay this evening.

Caroline told us “They were both supposed to be going home on the sixteenth of August, but in fact neither of them will be catching that flight. Olivia ran out of money and went home last week , whilst Ethan loves it here and is planning to stay for as long as possible.”

Ethan explained “I’m basically just going to keep travelling until I’ve spent all my money. I grew up on a farm, so when I’ve run out of money I’ll go and find work at an Australian farm until I’ve saved up to go travelling again.”

Olivia is currently working at a well known supermarket back in England, earning lots of money which she can then spend at the student bar when she returns to university in September.

Ethan and Olivia are no longer listed as friends on Facebook, but have both added Caroline to their friend list. Neither of them are aware that she writes a blog.

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