Customers told their juice orders are too easy

Customers visiting a juice bar in Queensland are repeatedly being told that their juice orders are “too easy”, the Cazmanian Times can reveal.

The juice bar in Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast stocks a range of fruits and vegetables and gives customers the opportunity to choose which ingredients they would like to have in their juice.

And it doesn’t seem to matter if customers pick one ingredient or eleven, the response from the sales assistant is always the same – “Too easy.”

One British backpacker who ordered a pineapple and kiwi fruit juice said “When he said my order was too easy, I felt like he was challenging me to throw in a few extra fruits to make it more difficult. But I didn’t want to add to my order because I like the simplicity of pineapple and kiwi, and to be honest, anyone working in a juice bar shouldn’t find making any sort of juice difficult because it’s what they do every day.”

Our linguistics correspondent Caroline Gough explains: “Whilst traditionally ‘too easy’ could refer to a maths question that wasn’t challenging enough, or a person with questionable morals, here in Australia, it is understood that ‘too easy’ is simply a response to convey that there is no problem. It’s used in the same sort of context as ‘no worries’.”

‘Too easy’ is not just confined to the juice bars of Queensland but is in fact in widespread use throughout Australia, with waiting staff, bartenders and shop assistants regularly informing customers throughout the land that their orders and requests are “too easy.”

“Even when they tell you it’s too easy, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is,” said Caroline who was recently told her order for the McOz burger at a McDonald’s in Cairns was too easy but then had to send it back because it was missing its trademark slice of beetroot.

“But at least it makes more sense than a pet shop I visited in England a couple of years ago. The sales assistant asked me a million questions to determine whether or not I was responsible enough to buy five neon tetras and she responded with the words ‘awesome sauce’ to every single answer I gave.”

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