Boy in shared dorm goes to bed at 8:05pm

A male backpacker has shocked his room mates by going to bed at 8:05am.

The incident happened at the Tasman Bay Backpackers in Nelson, New Zealand.

The boy, known only as Luke, is from Hemel Hempstead and is believed to be in his late twenties.

Caroline Gough who is sharing a room with Luke said “It was quite unexpected because he had initially seemed so alert and chatty.”

Every evening the hostel invites guests to gather in the dining room to eat free chocolate pudding and ice cream on the understanding that those consuming the chocolate pudding will talk to each other and make new friends  for the duration of the pudding eating session rather than stare mindlessly at their phones.

Caroline explained “I was chatting to three girls from Stockport and Luke was chatting to some other people at the other end of the table. I did notice that he had got up and gone back to the room but I never dreamt it was to go to bed.”

Caroline and her fellow room mates had to tiptoe quietly into the room and fumble about in the darkness to find the things they needed for the rest of the evening.

The cosy living room at the Tasman Bay Backpackers

“Luckily there was a nice living room with a good atmosphere, so we all hung out there,” said Caroline.

Veteran backpacker Caroline has had much experience of having to hunt for her pajamas in the dark due to other backpackers going to bed at unpredictable times. She now always unpacks everything she needs for the night as soon as she arrives in the room. “But on this occasion I couldn’t because Luke pounced on me as soon as I arrived and literally talked at me continuously until we went for the chocolate pudding.”

Caroline was unable to locate her ear plugs in the dark and consequently had to listen to Luke snoring for the entire night.

Luke was still asleep when Caroline left to catch her bus the following morning. “There’s another beautiful friendship that ended before it begun,” said Caroline.

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