A poetic prelude

I don’t want to bore ya
But I went to Kaikoura
Where all sorts of things did unfold
We had Cyclone Gita
I did not want to meet her
She was windy, ferocious and cold.
I met Not Hot Scott
He read books a lot
It did seem quite silly to me
That someone would pay
To fly out all that way
When a library visit is free
I saw all the sights
And sang Wuthering Heights
Which made Not Hot Scott disconcerted
I kayaked the rough sea
Nearly threw up my tea
But thankfully that was averted
Then out of the blue
A text message came through
From someone I did not want to see
Karoline with a K
Was coming to stay
At the very same hostel as me
What happened next
As result of that text?
You can click on the link, then you’ll see
It’s quite a long tale
(there’s even a whale)
So you might want to sit comfortably!

Hide and Seek

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