Amicable split for British backpacker and her pajamas?

A British backpacker and a pair of pajamas are planning to spend a bit of time apart now that they have returned to England after almost a year of travelling together.

Speaking from her home in North Devon, Caroline Gough  said “when it came to choosing which pajamas to take to Australia these were the obvious choice because they are my favourite pair, nevertheless it’s a long time to spend wearing the same pair of pajamas night after night.”

Caroline bought the pajamas from a Tesco Extra in Bedfordshire earlier in 2017. The trousers are purple, white and grey to match the matching T-shirt which says “My bed is a wonderful place.”

“That’s a bit ironic really,” said Caroline “because I haven’t slept in my own bed since August 2017 when it went into storage.”

Instead Caroline and the pajamas have slept in a grand total 92 beds across Australia and New Zealand, ranging from luxurious king size beds to youth hostel bunk beds.

The journey has definitely aged the pajamas who have become much thinner after experiencing a range of washing machines and dryers, whilst Caroline believes she has become much fatter after experiencing a range of delicious milkshakes, chocolate and exciting flavoured jelly.

The pajamas said “it’s all very amicable. I need a bit of chill out time in the chest of drawers and she needs to catch up with the other pajamas.”

Caroline said “All my other pajamas feel much newer and far more comfortable. The pajamas that came travelling feel old and thin and worn. I’ll probably only ever use them as an absolute last resort, or possibly as a duster.”
Before and after: the well-travelled pajamas.



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    1. No, I had no idea that I would be writing about anything quite as profound as my pajamas. Luckily I just happen to take a lot of photos!

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