The blog has landed in Britain

What  a difference a year makes…..

On 10th November 2017 I was surfing on Bondi Beach.
On 10th November 2018 I was surfing at Putsborough.

Can you spot any differences between my two surfing experiences below?!!

The travel adventures are over but the blog lives on as I cartwheel around England, no doubt finding plenty more people and situations to write about. There’s also a few extra travel stories that haven’t quite made it onto the blog yet – the traumatic incident of getting my jelly confiscated, the day I accidentally ended up being interviewed on live Australian radio about something I didn’t have the first clue about, and the day I travelled five hours to stay with an acquaintance who said “surprise we’re going on holiday” and proceeded to drove me five hours back to where I had just come from.

There are also a few more chapters in the Simone and her Phone saga, you definitely won’t want to miss the Christmas special (though I would have been very happy not to have been there at the live event!).

For now though, here’s one about my pajamas…..

Amicable split for British backpacker and her pajamas?



One thought on “The blog has landed in Britain

  1. I’ve just re-discovered your blog and have a lot of catching up to do! I can’t wait!!! Also counting down to the Christmas special 😜

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