Leading role still up for grabs as ham-stars fail to impress

Auditions have been taking place in the Devon town of Barnstaple to find the next big star to play the role of Caroline Gough’s newest hamster.

And despite the best efforts of many fluffy bundles taking to the stage at Pets at Home, the role is still yet to be cast.

Caroline explained “We’ve had a stellar line up over the years, starting with Hammersmith, then Dagenham Martello and most recently Billy-Ricky. The new hamster has got big boots to fill and so far the standard of those auditioning hasn’t quite made the cut.”

Some of the hamsters have slept through their auditions, whilst others have shied away from the limelight and remained nestled under the bedding so that they can’t be viewed at all.

Other hamsters have been rejected for biting their friends during the audition, for looking too much like Dagenham and for trying too hard to make an impression.

“With Hammersmith, Dagenham and Billy-Ricky there was an instant connection,” said Caroline. “Our eyes met and we just knew we belonged together. Although many of this year’s hopefuls have been cute and entertaining, I haven’t felt any sort of connection that has made me think ‘yes, you’re the one.'”

Caroline has been been driving around for many weeks with a secure hamster transportation unit in the boot of her car so that when the right hamster comes along she can take him home immediately.

“I’m quite surprised I haven’t got a hamster yet,” Caroline confided. “I thought I’d fly home from Australia, get off the plane and recruit a new hamster before I was even over the jetlag.

But the fact that he hasn’t turned up yet means it will be all the more special when we do finally meet.”

Auditions are still taking place, if you think you have what it takes to be Caroline’s next hamster, hurry down to Pets at Home in Barnstaple. You don’t have to be the fastest, the cutest or the best at swinging from the bars, you just have to have that special something that will melt her heart and make her realise she can’t possibly leave the shop without you by her side.


Dagenham Martello

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  1. No way! Hamsters are the best! If I have got my new hamster by the time we have our long awaited picnic, then I will bring him along and you can see for yourself!!

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