Sisters play hide and seek on holiday

An aunty from Bedfordshire looks set to be spending a week’s holiday by herself due to the data protection act.

Aunty Jean, who was expecting to spend a week in Lanzarote with her niece and sister has not yet been able to locate either of her relations.

Sister Gillian and niece Caroline flew from Exeter and arrived at the hotel several hours before Jean, but due to strict privacy laws the hotel are not allowed to tell either party where the other is staying.

71 year old Gillian told us “”I’ve read 94 pages of my book, eaten a prawn salad and had two swims in the pool but I still haven’t found my sister. Because I’m not technologically savvy it hasn’t yet occurred to me that I could switch on my Nokia classic and give her a call.

“Usually my daughter Caroline would be on hand to remind me about the existence of technology, but she spent the entire journey being violently sick and has now passed out on a sunlounger which isn’t very helpful.”

A spokesperson for the hotel said “whilst we’re not allowed to give away information about other guests, we do try to make it easy for them. We’ve purposely put the sisters in rooms next door to each other. We hope it won’t be too long before they figure this out.”

Gillian remains optimistic about the situation. “There’s Bingo at 4pm on Wednesday and Jean never misses a game of Bingo. So we’ll definitely see her on Wednesday if not before.”

Lanzarote’s beautiful but where is Aunty Jean?

5 thoughts on “Sisters play hide and seek on holiday

  1. Hopefully you will all be reunited at the Bingo!!! I would love to read Jeans tales of finding Gillian and Caroline! 🤔🤪🤣

  2. This is hilarious! I think I’ve just found a new favourite author to keep me sane during the corona lockdown! Thanks for making me giggle 🙂

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