Girl next door haunts naughty neighbours with her Music of the Night

A family of next door neighbours got more than they bargained for when they snuck down to visit their second home during lockdown restrictions.

Instead of a peaceful and relaxing night in their idyllic home from home, they were subjected to a two hour performance of musical hits sung by their next door neighbour Caroline Gough.

Caroline who teaches at a local school was celebrating the end of term with a spot of vacuuming and karaoke.

She told us “Back in the old days before Covid-19, the end of term would generally involve a night out with colleagues. Pub, food, dancing…. that sort of thing. Now that all of those things are illegal I instead injected all my end of term energy into cleaning my house.”

Night Owl Caroline explained “Because I tidy to music, it’s not long before I get sucked into the world of musical theatre, abandon the messy house, put on my backing tracks and start singing.”

Caroline’s one woman show, which consisted of a eclectic mix of songs from musicals throughout the decades, did not have an interval and continued until the early hours of the morning.

Whilst some of the songs were within Caroline’s vocal range, others most definitely were not. “That’s the beauty of living by myself in a street full of holiday homes,” she said. “Nobody can hear you screech.”

However, unbeknownst to Caroline, the next door neighbours had popped down to enjoy a peaceful Easter weekend at their second home.

“I didn’t realise until the following morning,” she explained. “Depending upon where you get your advice, visiting second homes is quite possibly forbidden, or at the very least frowned upon. It’s a bit of a grey area, but certainly black and white enough for the neighbours to have hidden themselves and their car incredibly well. You wouldn’t know they were there unless you lived next door.”

Caroline considers herself to be a good neighbour who would never knowingly vacuum or sing when other people might be sleeping. Regarding the events of last night she told us: “Although some of those notes I hit should never be heard by another human’s ears, I don’t feel mortified because if I’d known they were there I wouldn’t have done it.”

Unsurprisingly the neighbours were not available for comment.

On my own… or at least I thought I was
Neither are teachers from Cazmania
Very unexpected to be serenaded at one o’clock in the morning
The question should probably be “Do you want to hear the people sing?”
I bet they wish I wasn’t!
Angel of Music is probably not what they were calling me by the time the show was over
Whether you wanted one or not
Noisy music starts to play                                  Just one note too high                                        Makes the neighbours cry
Neighbours might have hit the wine                                     After a show from Caroline
Literally haunting their dreams
Everybody needs good neighbours
Not sure the neighbours would agree with this sentiment
La la la la la
Insert high pitched shriek here
Whether you wanted to or not!                                                                                                            Easter challenge: If you can think of some more song lyrics to go with my story, please write them in the comments.

8 thoughts on “Girl next door haunts naughty neighbours with her Music of the Night

  1. 🤣 well I am glad you did sing loudly x
    1. Because you deserve it.
    2. Because they do too. Not allowed to 2nd homes until 12th April xxx

  2. Brilliant blog with many of my fav show tunes…
    I’m glad you ‘think of me’ with the phantom. This story is ‘twisted every way’ my little ‘angel of music’ I think you ‘past the point of no return’ by the screeching! #JustDeserts

  3. Love love love love love this! Especially the song lyrics, the neighbours not being available for comment and the 2 hour show which did not have an interval.

  4. perfect way to celebrate the end of term in lockdown. My neighbours are kind enough never to mention my singing, in lockdown or otherwise…

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