British backpacker finds herself acting out scenes from well known fairy tale

A British backpacker has found herself inadvertently acting out scenes from the well known children’s fairy tale ‘Goldilocks’ at a dodgy hostel in Perth tonight.

It all began when Caroline Gough was given the wrong key and had to trek back to the reception a further two times before she was given the correct key. Caroline explained: “the first key didn’t fit the lock at all. It was too big. The second key fitted the lock but didn’t turn. It was too stiff. But the third key went in straight away. It was just right.”

It was dark when Caroline entered the room and she had to use her phone torch to see which bed was available. The first set of bunks had people in them. “Someone was sleeping in those beds,” said Caroline. The second set of bunks housed a couple, both on the bottom bunk, eating something from a bowl and watching a laptop screen together. “Someone was eating in those beds” said Caroline. But the third bed was just right.

Next Caroline went to find a bathroom. “The first bathroom was locked” explained Caroline “and from the sound of it, there were people behind the door doing the sort of thing that doesn’t usually get spoken of in children’s fairy tales. The second bathroom contained only a urinal. So I moved on to the third bathroom expecting it to be just right.”

Unfortunately Caroline found that fairy tales seldom come true as the next bathroom contained no toilet paper, a toilet full of vomit that couldn’t be flushed and large black hairs on the floor of the shower.

Caroline said “It won’t be necessary for the three bears to chase me out of bed in the morning. I will be more than happy to leave of my own accord.”

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  1. That was Good! What hostel? Sounds like the dump I stayed at in east Perth. Even had the pet cockroaches wandering around in the morning.

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