Woman accidentally boards plane a week early


A woman has accidentally boarded a plane exactly a week before she was supposed to depart.

The incident occurred on the 5:30 flight from Perth to Exmouth in Western Australia this morning.

Fellow passenger Caroline Gough who witnessed the event told us: “I’ve got not idea how she managed to do this. I had enough of a struggle to get the self-check in to work and I was travelling on the right day at the right time. Goodness knows how she managed to get the machine to churn out a boarding pass when she’s not supposed to fly for another week.”

Passengers noticed that something was amiss when the cabin crew conducted five separate head counts and delayed take-off for forty-three minutes. The pilot then announced that the delay was due to paperwork. Caroline, who studied English Language and Linguistics at university told us: “Paperwork is a convenient term that can cover a range of situations, including the act of hurriedly processing a passenger who isn’t supposed to be on the plane.”

Despite arriving a week early, the woman chose to stay on the plane and fly to Exmouth
with the other 99 passengers. “Fair play,” said Caroline. “I got up at 2am to get this flight, and she probably did the same. It would be quite frustrating to get up that early just to go home and do it all again the next week.”

Caroline added “The only thing that annoys me is that she got a window seat and I didn’t. I set my alarm for 5:20am yesterday so that I was online as soon as check-in opened to get a window seat and I still didn’t manage it.”

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