Backpacker shares dormitory with feuding couple

A British backpacker has found herself bedding down between a feuding couple at a backpacking hostel in Cairns.

Previously Caroline Gough from Georgeham in Devon had been pleasantly surprised to have a ten bed dormitory all to herself.

“It was wonderful,” explained Caroline. “I got the bed next to the only power point in the room, had lots of space to hang my wet bikini and towel and I didn’t have to fumble around in the dark to find my pajamas – in fact I didn’t even bother to wear pajamas. My FitBit tells me I had nine hours and sixteen minutes of uninterrupted sleep. That never happens in a youth hostel.”

Caroline had hoped this sole occupancy of the room would continue indefinitely, however on the second day she returned to the room after her snorkelling trip on the Great Barrier Reef to find that two more beds were occupied.

“At first it wasn’t even clear that these people knew each other,” said Caroline. “Because they had chosen beds as far apart as possible. There did seem to be a bit of an odd atmosphere which I was trying not to take personally. When I said hello, she ignored me and he grunted. Then he said ‘You don’t have to come if you don’t want to’, she snapped ‘I wasn’t planning to’, he stormed out of the room and she sank back on her bed, put in her earphones and closed her eyes.”

Witnesses later saw the male drinking beer by himself at a nearby pub whilst the female dined on a microwave meal for one in the hostel kitchen.

The Cazmanian Times later discovered that the couple had just completed a 29 hour coach journey from Brisbane to Cairns which is enough to test even the strongest of relationships.

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