Concerns grow as backpacking couple enter feud for another day

A British backpacking couple travelling around Australia are still not speaking to one another, it has been confirmed.

It is not yet known at what point the couple stopped speaking to each other, but the feud had been well and truly established when they arrived at the Waterfront Backpackers in Cairns yesterday, following their 29 hour coach journey from Brisbane.

Caroline Gough who is currently sharing a room with the couple told us “I was there this morning when they both woke up. He said to her “You all right?” she snapped “Yeah. You?” and then stormed into the en suite bathroom. By the time she came out of the bathroom, he had gathered all his things together and left.”

The male was later overheard booking just one place on tomorrow’s scuba diving trip to the Great Barrier Reef, whilst the female was seen sitting by the lagoon reading “Me Before You” by Jojo Moyes.

Caroline said “Usually if I found myself sharing a room with a couple, I would make myself scarce to give them a bit of space, but these circumstances are completely different because I’m the only person in the room that either of them is speaking to. They both fall over themselves to be the first to start a conversation with me when I enter the room, and when I attempt to leave the room, you can see the panic flashing in their eyes. I’ve never felt so popular.”

This evening in a joint quest to avoid speaking to one another, the couple opted to follow Caroline to a local bar and gatecrash her evening. “It could have been a bit awkward,” admitted Caroline, who still doesn’t know the names of the couple and feels she has now known them a bit too long to ask. “But somehow we managed to keep the conversation going all night without either of them actually having to speak to the other. I asked them different questions about their lives and their travels and they took it turns to answer.

I did ask them how long they were staying in Cairns and she said they hadn’t discussed it yet. Seeing as they’re not currently discussing anything, I guess that might mean they’re staying in Cairns forever.”

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  1. Literally lol! I can just imagine you in the pub talking to the feuding couple and not even knowing what their names are #awkward!

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